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Adult Riding Clinics

New     The MOM Riding Program.  Many of you mom's have been asking me about learning to ride.  Now is your chance.  The MOM riding program is a group lesson program that will meet once a week for an hour for 10 weeks.  Contact Kim for more information.

New    Learn to Ride or Improve your Skill.  Learn basic riding and horsemanship skills in a 3, 4 or 5 day format. Each student will be given a horse to ride and work with during their clinic. No previous experience necessary. Open for students beginner to advanced. Contact Chappell Ranch for more information. Adult Riding Clinics at Chappell Ranch

New    Trail Riding for Adults.  Must be a skilled rider and/or have participated in adult clinics or lessons at Chappell Ranch. Horses provided.

New    So You Want to Buy a Horse?! Before you purchase your first horse, learn the A,B, C’s of what it takes to own a horse, to include: care, feeding, vetting, costs, safe barn set-up, what horse is right for you, etc. Do it the right way and arm yourself with knowledge before making this lifelong commitment.

Adult Riding Clinics at Chappell Ranch           Adult Riding Clinics at Chappell Ranch

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