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About Kim Chappell

I have been in the horse business for 25 years and in the kid business much longer. As an alumni, of Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, CA where I received my BA in Recreation Administration, working with kids and adults as an instructor, facilitator, educator, coach, and consultant is my career. After years of witnessing the remarkable changes in people in regard to personal growth and empowerment by way of the horse, I went back to school at Prescott College in AZ and earned my M.Ed with a concentration in Equine Assisted Learning, which in a nutshell is working with individuals and groups, from all walks of life, in the area of personal growth and development.

The programs at Chappell Ranch are wide and varied, but all maintain the same goal of having FUN AND GROWING while working on the ranch and working with horses. I have taught hundreds of kids leadership skills, life skills, work ethic, solid horsemanship skills, and riding. One of the most important aspects in working with kids is that the instructor must be in inspired so that the learning is inspired. The growth of the programs is a direct result of this philosophy.

The art of being an effective instructor is a result of being an effective listener, a good communicator, and one who has the ability to embrace all types of kids and in turn address the different styles of learning that each student brings to the lesson. I am big on personal growth and it is important to me that the students not only learn about horsemanship and riding, but about themselves too.

Character building, confidence building, and self-esteem, are all aspects of the programs that happen naturally when working with horses. It is a joy to see these kids and adults grow within themselves as a result of being here.

The work ethic is alive and well at the ranch as kids takes care of everything from cleaning stalls, feeding, fixing, handling livestock, to doing all things ranch. Working is a good thing and kids learn about responsibility, commitment, teamwork, perseverance, and more. Many times this work ethic extends to the home life, as many parents have happily shared. The value of what happens at the ranch has far reaching effects once the day is done and the kids head home.

EAL is the field of personal growth with the help of the horse, and it is open to anyone.  You do not have to be a horse person to reap the value of working with horses.  In that this work is done on the ground or under saddle, anyone can benefit from the work.

I am always in a constant state of learning as I work with my horses, or as they work with me, and I find it very exciting and life changing. I never cease to learn with these big guys! It is a joy to work with the kids and adults that come to the ranch. And it is very much an environment where life happens! I love to have fun and that extends to all corners of the ranch.


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